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     Top-quality service, very impressed with the work. Booking again next year!
Dylan N.19/07/2024
     Lightning-fast and meticulous service. Immediate email replies, timely team, and quick finish. Significant improvement with steam-cleaned carpets. Will hire them again.
Nettie G.09/07/2024
     The cleaner they provided was excellent, and the whole process was straightforward and worry-free.
Pretoria Noles20/06/2024
     Great cleaning crew. Highly meticulous and entirely professional.
Bob P.10/06/2024
     Superior service, would highly recommend. Quickly organized fortnightly cleaning with mutually agreed time. Excellent service provided.
Chloe Jukhoop31/05/2024
     Our space has never looked better since we began using this top-quality cleaning service provided by a dedicated and diligent cleaner.
     This cleaning company has exceeded all my expectations. Their cleaner is consistently professional, timely, and does an immaculate job each visit.
Isabel Wood16/04/2024
     My gratitude knows no bounds for the amazing job done by the team. Their service was top-notch and definitely worth a 10/10 rating.
Jill O.27/03/2024
     The service was top-notch, thank you so much! She took the time to call and let me know she would be arriving early. With such grace, we carefully evaluated all alternatives before finalizing the cost.
Marcus S11/03/2024
     Today, I had my mattress cleaned, and it was an excellent experience with superb quality service provided by a highly professional team. I wholeheartedly recommend this company for their commitment and efficiency.
Lisa C.01/03/2024
     These meticulous cleaners did a fantastic job at providing impeccable deep cleans on two properties and also managed to complete extra chores in a timely manner.
Clara Lutz11/02/2024
     Outstanding work from beginning to end. I contacted LeytonCarpetCleaners for carpet cleaning and they provided a fantastic rate. The cleaner did a FANTASTIC job- she left no spot untouched, worked quickly, and the outcome was superb.
O. Pinkham20/01/2024
     My friends' toddler spilt a cup of juice on my sofa. I hired this cleaning service because they had the lowest rates for upholstery cleaning. They came out to my flat this morning and did a terrific job. The sofa looks good as new.
Vanessa L.21/05/2020
      Leyton Carpet Cleaning crew was punctual and on time. They also have one of the best prices. The cleaners were very professional, and they didn't mind following a few directions when I requested. Loved them!
     My friends get panicked when their parents visit them. I laugh and recommend [COMPANY NAME] for their homes, because they do upholstery cleaning and home cleaning at low cost. Parents happy, friends happy and I get a good laugh.
Zach Bailey03/07/2019
     The cleaners from Carpet Cleaning Company Leyton get a big thumbs up from me due to the work they managed to achieve for me the other week. It was amazing how much they got done in such a short space of time.
Cara L.27/02/2018
     My pets leave a lot of mess and then I have to sort it all out. One time my cat left a pretty bad smell on the carpet and I didn't know what to do. It only stopped smelling after I hired Carpet Cleaning Company Leyton to come over and do some carpet cleaning. It was instantly gone and I was instantly grateful for the good work. Thank you so, so much!
     I just wanted to share my experience with you on carpet cleaning services. I recently had my home redecorated all over and afterwards decided to have my carpets cleaned professionally. I hired LeytonCarpetCleaners because a colleague had used them and raved about how good they were and how cheap too! They were brilliant, and did a lovely job of the carpet throughout the house. The cleaners knew what to do, and got on with it using mostly steam cleaners to deep clean and remove germs etc. The results were amazing, and have saved me having to replace the carpets with new.
     I was rather nervous the first time I hired the cleaning crew from LeytonCarpetCleaners as my house was in quite a state. I was anxious about being judged for the mess I let build up after I damaged my back in a riding accident. But the cleaners didn't bat an eyelid! They just came in, cleaning equipment in tow, asked what I wanted doing and then got stuck in! Before they left one of the crew even asked me if I wanted a cup of tea! So lovely to pay for a service and get more than you bargained for! Truly extraordinary!
     In the summer months I am out working a lot as a gardener and I can't always find much time to do domestic cleaning. I hired LeytonCarpetCleaners to do a few house cleans for me and they have always done an excellent job. The cleaners are not expensive and they have all the cleaning produce they could need which means that I don't need to go out and buy more soaps, cloths and hoover bags, and they are on time and very efficient in the way they work. They are able to do a wide range of cleaning tasks for me.
Richard F.14/11/2014
     My mahogany floors were starting to look like they needed a bit of TLC, so I called up LeytonCarpetCleaners to find out more about the kind of services they offer. I was so impressed with the price I was quoted, I booked someone in that very day. The cleaner was polite and courteous, and worked hard to follow my specifications. Very impressed, and will consider hiring them again, but to do the whole house next time!
L. Laurence04/09/2014
     I was having a real troubled time trying to stay on top of all of the different cleaning chores I had to do around the home. There was nothing I could do to keep on top of everything while at the same time making sure to fulfil work and social commitments which I just could not cancel. So my home was getting less and less tidy. That was when I gave LeytonCarpetCleaners a call. After doing a bit of research, they seemed to be the best option and they really managed to deliver on all of the good reviews.
Heather Johnson04/06/2014
     I live in a fairly large house in the country; we have four bedrooms, two lounges and large kitchen diner. I'm the main caretaker of the home because my husband works away a lot. We have four children, 3 dogs and two cats. With a busy household and because of the pets we have too, there is always lots of cleaning to do at my home, because I'm so busy with the kids and the pets I often find it very difficult when I have to keep on top of all the cleaning too. I started hiring LeytonCarpetCleaners for the extra help and I'm so glad I did, they help me out tremendously and I'm truly grateful.
Joanne U.08/05/2014
     Office cleaning is essential to any good business. LeytonCarpetCleaners come in every night and make sure that the place looks incredible the following day. Nothing is moved from where it needs to be, the machinery and computers are treated with respect, and everything is left clean, fresh and ready for another productive day. I would be completely stuck without their help, so I would recommend them highly to anyone out there who needs a quality office cleaning team.